Carnival and Parade in Dinant (DINANT)

© Sabrina Spannagel

8th Dinant carnival. Admire the large parade, the costumes and the locals celebrating in the presence of Dinant’s giants! On 06/03/14.The giants are called Guinguet, Cafonnette and Bayard. Bayard is quite well known. He is a magical bay horse that, according to legend, continues to roam the Ardennes forest, where you can hear his whinny on the summer solstice.So who are Guinguet and Cafonnette and what remarkable feat have they carried out?It was in 1815 that the three Debri brothers, known as “les Guinguet” performed a brave act. They stopped the cosacks at the Bayard pass, no less!That is how they saved Dinant, imprisoned 2000 cosacks and earned their place in the carnival parade.

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© Sabrina Spannagel

8th Dinant carnival. Admire…

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