Folklore and Tradition – Carnival in Nivelles (NIVELLES)

© WBT- Alex Kouprianoff

One of the most eagerly awaited folklore events of the year! A large colourful carnival, and four days of festivities, in Nivelles from 08 to 11/03/14!This is the largest carnival in not only Waloon Brabant, but most of the neighbouring provinces too! Nearly 700 Gilles, peasants, Harlequins, Pierrots and many others parade through the streets.Accompanied by lively music, their clogs hammer the cobbled streets as they hand out oranges to the crowds of onlookers.Sunday’s parade (of which almost all the floats and carnival societies participating will be appearing in Nivelles for the first time) will guarantee the fun and friendly, party atmosphere and delight young and not-so-young alike!

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© WBT- Alex Kouprianoff

One of the most eagerly…

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