The Great Bonfire at Bouge (BOUGE)

Le bonhomme hiver brûle à Bouge © WBT – J.L. Flémal

Large bonfires are a major part of our tradition. Come and burn the Bonhomme hiver (Winter man) and celebrate the start of spring in Bouge on 09/03/14.The first Sunday of Lent, (or Quadragesima), also known as dimanche des “Brandons”, the “Escouvillons” or the “Feûreû”.The “Feûreû” is a bundle of straw wich were wrapped around sticks and used to hit fruit trees in order to make them fertile.So wait no longer and join the party at the largest bonfire in Belgium. You’ll discover folklore and popular joy in a good-humoured atmosphere.The ceremony ends with a fireworks display.The Bouge bonfire is an event that will light you up inside!

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Le bonhomme hiver brûle à Bouge © WBT – J.L….

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