19/09/2013 -> 12/12/2013 : Late night openings in Brussels’ Museums (BRUXELLES)

© Conseil Bruxellois des Musées – Brusselse Museumraad

Lovers of culture and Brussels by night: 50 museums in Brussels open their doors every Thursday for night-time tours. From 19/09 to 12/12/13.A very colourful 13th year of late-night openings!And that’s nothing, because this autumn the museums will open with guided tours, entertainment and colour-themed workshops.Are you looking for an opportunity to (re)discover the richness of Brussels in 50 museums?Well, here’s that opportunity! These museums will open their doors every evening from 5pm to 10pm with a relaxed atmosphere and reasonable price of €3 (or €1.50 or even free).Guided tours, entertainment and workshops will liven your visit to make it a very special moment. {loadposition user99}


© Conseil Bruxellois des Musées – Brusselse…
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