21/03/2013 -> 27/10/2013 : Leonardo da Vinci, the Genius – New Exhibition at the Bourse in Brussels (BRUXELLES)

© Expo leornado da vinci the genius

An exhibition dedicated to the Italian artist, scientist, engineer and inventor, Da Vinci! At the Brussels Stock Exchange from 22/03 to 27/10/13!Discover the drawings, sketches, models, manuscripts and diverse works of the master himself!Close to 200 fascinating works and objects!The aim of this exhibition is simple: to showcase the genius of da Vinci and to explain his creations through a didactic exhibition.Come and admire the objects created or imagined by Leonardo da Vinci:Identical replicas of his artworks,70 life-size machines in 3D specially created for the exhibition (automate, flying machines, catapult, tank, submarine…),The secrets of the Mona Lisa (a unique study),A 45 minute film on the Florentine master,And the possibility of touching a good number of the objects exhibited! {loadposition user99}


© Expo leornado da vinci the genius


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