Carnival – Folklore and traditions in Tournai (TOURNAI)

© WBT / Alex Kouprianoff

This carnival, based on creativity and imagination is always a themed festival. But most of all, it’s a popular celebration. In Tournai on 28 and 29/03/14!The carnival is one of the major events of the year and has existed since 1981. What’s so special about it? It changes!The brotherhoods, associations and floats travel through the streets and provide Saturday’s entertainment.On the programme:Shows, music, masquerade and great ball at the Halle aux Draps. The Nuit des Intrigues (Night of Intrigues) kicks off festivities, with its sound and lights show in a closed part of town.On Sunday morning, the brotherhoods go on a tour of the cafés.Children will love:The releasing of balloons on Saturday afternoon at 5pm and the throwing of the Pichous.


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© WBT / Alex Kouprianoff

This carnival, based…

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