5 Things to Eat During Your Vacation Trip to Brussels

oysters-and-musselsBelgium is often thought of as a nation of gourmands, rather than gourmets. That is, you can expect good, hearty food in generous quantities. During your trip to Brussels, Belgium, here are five foods that you should make sure you taste.

 Mussels. These shellfish are a well-known dish in Brussels, Belgium, often served along with Belgian fries. The dish is called moule-frites, and is available in abundance during the fall and winter in Belgium. The mussels will generally come in a pot, served with broth, sauce, and a side of fries. The popular dish is also commonly eaten in northern France.

Fries. Although they are often called “French fries” in the United States, Belgians say they actually invented the fried potato food. “Frites” or “frieten” can be bought at many food stands in Belgian cities. They are one of the cheapest street foods you can get here, and are served in a big paper cone, for easy eating as you walk. The cone-shaped paper allows the grease to drip downward off the fries. Small forks are provided to help you eat the fries.


Beer. Belgians claim to have hundreds of varieties of beer. If you are a fan of beer, then Belgium is a good place to taste some rare varieties and interesting flavors. Each type of beer comes inside a uniquely shaped drinking glass, and each glass is labeled with the name or logo for the beer. There are also several beer festivals held throughout the year. Because of the Belgian love for beer, it is also an ingredient in several famous dishes, such as carbonade, which is a delicious beef stew cooked with beer.

Waffles. There are two types of waffles commonly available in Belgium: the Brussels waffle and the Liege waffle. The Brussels waffle is rectangular with deep pockets and is dusted with confectioner’s sugar. The Liege waffle, on the other hand, is more irregularly shaped, and is made with chunks of sugar that caramelize on the outside as the waffle cooks. Both kinds are often eaten as a snack food in Belgium, and can be bought on the street from street vendors.

Chocolate. Belgian chocolates are well-known around the world, and a trip to Belgium would be amiss without sampling some of these delectable treats. Rather than being mass-produced, Belgium chocolates are largely still made by hand, using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. While Belgian chocolates certainly are not cheap, they are well worth the splurge.
Source: personal experience