Antwerp and Places To Buy

antwerpAntwerp is the second largest city in Belgium with a population of 500,000; it is located in the Flemish region and has plenty to offer. It has the second largest harbor in Europe, numerous architectural sights dated from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Antwerp also has an old town which has an older port that has Yachts, renovated and modern buildings. Everything of interest is located in the center of the old town with plenty of fashion shops too. The river has no bridges and can only be crossed via tunnels for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.


Antwerp is the diamond center of the world which is situated around the railway station and is also known as the Jewish district. Other places of interest within this same area are Antwerp zoo, an aquarium, indoor mall and china town where streets are lined with Asian and Chinese food stores and restaurants.There is also an excellent network of bus and tram links serving the city center and surrounding suburbs. It is worth buying tickets in advance from machines in the Premetro center or the De Lijn Kiosk as it is more expensive to purchase on the bus and tram.

The city has an international school and University plus another added bonus is that English is widely spoken and is an attractive place to settle for many British and American expats families, making the move to a foreign country a little easier. There are also plenty of meetings and social clubs for expats to meet others, if feeling isolated.There are many expat families living in this area and it has a good choice of affordable property for those considering investing in this region of Belgium. For those who live the single life an abundant of apartments are available in the urban area known as St Andries. For those seeking houses with gardens then the north of the city has a residential feel to suit families.



The town has up and coming areas with redevelopment projects to improve the museum and Art Noveau houses, a river runs through the town and has a charming and relaxing feel to it. Outskirts and surrounding villages are a god option for those

wishing to have a more relaxed and rural lifestyle, but with close access to the city.


Genval is a lake situated south east of the Brussels, near the Sonian Forest on the municipalities of Rixensart and Overijse. The lake is a great leisure place for people to enjoy. Surrounding the lake are beautiful houses, including a 5 star hotel. It is one of the most expensive regions to live in.


Leige is a mixture of old and new with the old city having shopping streets traffic free, to nowadays a modern growing Liege. An abundance of apartments can be found in the center with all conveniences, and popular with expats.


Teryuren is a municipality in Flanders, and the main language is Dutch. The area is made up of villages. There is plenty of open space and countryside. Property is expensive but you are able to buy a house with land if you enjoy an away from it all rural lifestyle. A car is a necessity if you consider buying here. The British School of Brussels has been located in Teryuren since 1970 and The Royal Museum for Central Africa an ethnographically and natural history museum.


Waterloo is a small city with about 20.000 inhabitants in the region of Wallon-Brabant. The city has a good economy, high cultural standards and trades people from all corners of the world. Good size houses with gardens and an added bonus that there is no need for a car, the area is self contained and has all amenities-shops, schools and restaurants and saves a hectic drive into the bustling city of Brussels.