Art In Belgium

There are numerous cities of art in Belgium including Brussels, Bruges, Bergen, Ghent, Liege and Antwerp. Despite Belgium being a relatively small country, the many cities boast very impressive art work and it is said that the Belgian artists of visual arts are some of the best in Europe.

For art enthusiasts, the most remarkable art museum is in Antwerp known as The Royal Museum for Fine Arts. This museum holds over 7000 works and includes paintings by the names of Hans Memling, Peter Paul Rubens, Jan van Eyck and Quinten Metsijs. The collection of unique paintings date back to the 15th century but the museum also displays modern Artists such as Rik Wouters and Ensor.

If you’re visiting Brussels, it’s impossible for you not to pass at least one of the many art museums that are scattered across the city. A popular art gallery is the Guillaume Charlier Museum which exhibits a large collection of extraordinary paintings from the 19th century.



Another location, crowded with Art galleries is the city of Bruges. The Gruuthuse museum is one of the places to look out for. 22 rooms occupy the large building and the main exhibit displays silk tapestries, sculptures and other fantastic art work.

Groeninge Museum is an additional favorite for art lovers. The gallery displays paintings dating back to the 14th century and to the present day. The building is not very large, but exhibits the best collections of art in Belgium.

The most visited cultural attraction in Liege is the Curtius Museum which is situated next to the river Meuse. It contains many archeological displays including silverware and Mosan art works and 10th -century antique furniture. It’s defiantly a place worth visiting.

And finally, the lastly recommended art gallery to visit is the Bergen Art Museum known as Kunstmuseum. This is a place where you can really appreciate art from different eras in all its glory. The gallery displays masterpieces of Edvard Munch, as well as work by internationally famous artists such as Picasso and Munch.