Belgium Beer Glasses

belgium beer glassesBelgium beer glasses are often designed to go with a specific brand of beer that is brewed in the country. Belgian beer is world famous, and also a popular beverage, and along with that a brewery will develop a glass to suit its individual brand of beer. Nothing improves the flavour and taste of a beer than drinking it out of the right glass. So what design glass do you use.

A beer glass can play an imperative role in enjoying and savouring a glass of beer in Belgium. Bars will often stock the hundreds and thousands of glasses to match the individual beer brands, so it can be served in its unique glassware.

So what type of glass do you use?

Well it is not always possible to have the exact design of Belgium beer glass to go with a particular beer.

Here we take a look at some general styles of beer glasses that can suit most beers and you can still enjoy.


To begin with a pilsner beer needs to be served in a tall and slim glass; this is to maintain the gas. Fermented beers are served in a wider glass so that the taste and aroma can be enjoyed to its fullest. A white beer is best in a facet or feature glass, so that the freshness and cloudiness of the beer can be highlighted. A good beer should be served in the right glass, it not only improves the flavour but it looks the part. Nothing is worst then having a delicious and aromatic Belgian beer in a pop glass!

A beer glass is not just a gimmick, many could say it is a marketing factor but it is not true. The right glass is essential in the way superior beer should be served. A beer served in the suitable glass shows off its aroma, colour and taste. It is only similar to serving a fine wine.

Research has suggested that the right beer glass defines the shimmering colours, and the delightful experience and taste of the beer. Using the correct glass for beer will promote its style and flavour. When you pour a Belgium beer into the correct glass the foam explodes, and mixes to create its aroma from its hops and yeast and spices. So in all the glass will enhance the flavour and style of the individual beer. Not only is the flavour of the beer enhanced in a different style glass the presentation of the beer is appealing. If you like to have the right glassware to suit your beer you can choose from a huge range to suit all at