Belgium Chocolate Factory

belgium chocolate factoryA trip to a Belgium chocolate factory is high on the list for many when it comes to visiting this striking country. Just a short journey by train, boat or flight Belgium from the U.K, it is an amazing country to explore with something for everyone.

There are many captivating and interesting places on offer to the traveler. For its small size there are 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 300 art nouveau buildings, 200 museums, 650 different ranges of beer and around 2000 chocolate shops.

The country has long been a famous destination for its Belgian chocolate, and the indulgent sweet has captured everybody from Kings to lovers. Today the sweet is everyone’s favourite and of there is an abundance of chocolate shops and factories to be found here. Belgium chocolate has been famous for more than a century, and every year the population consumes a massive 7 kilograms of the confectionary. The capital city of Brussels not only has more chocolate factories than any other city in Europe but in the world. Your first visit to the city the one thing you won’t fail to notice is the aroma of the dark, luscious delicacy filling the air of the city.


Belgium first won its high standing as chocolate maker in 1912 when the creation of the first praline by Jean Neuhaus, and founder of the giant brand of today Nauhaus Chocolatier. Today, Belgium still remains the finest chocolatier because it still uses only natural ingredients and products. Despite the development of new technology and modern manufactures Belgian pralines still continue to be made by hand. Different flavours are produced by altering the sugar and cocoa amounts in the chocolate mixtures.

Belgium shops take their craft very serious and the proof is in the pudding with the country having the best chocolate in the world. You can’t visit Belgium with our visiting one of these amazing places and sampling the delicious and mouthwatering sweet treat. Belgium today has the giant brands Godiva, Neuhaus and Leonidas that make it on a larger scale for demand purposes. Chocolate masters find this uneasy because they regard the making of chocolate as a fine art. They are aware that people want to know about the purity of ingredients, and source the finest ingredients to create this delicious and luxury confectionery.

The real Belgian chocolate has to include at least 30% cocoa, that is combined with cocoa butter and sugar. However, the real masters of the chocolate world in Belgium contain at least twice as much as these basic figures, some as much as 85%. It is worth noting that in Belgium chocolate is called confectionery.

Chocolate was first bought back from Mexico in the 18th century in the form of a drink that was a sweet treat and was turned into the hard sweet treat. Now the chocolate bar has remained consistent, in long bars, pralines and truffles.

The story of how every step of the process of this incredible treat that is loved worldwide can be discovered in the interesting tours available. For a list of tours see A visit to a Belgium chocolate factory is not to be missed when visiting this fascinating country.