Belgium Fun Facts | and some informative

belgium fun factsFamous for Beer, chocolate, diamonds, French fries, the E.U headquarters and waffles here we look at some Belgium fun facts, and things you may not know about this fascinating country in Europe.

Belgium is a small country in Europe compared to France, Germany, Spain and Italy, and is also known as the Essence of Europe. It is without a doubt a fascinating and fun country to discover, and has a lot to offer.


1. Belgian Chocolate – Belgium produces over 220, 000 tones of chocolate per annum, and Brussels National Airport is the world’s biggest selling spot.
2. Belgian Frites or French Fries were the invented in Belgium, and almost every town and village have their own ship seller or friterie/frituur. It is common to have mayonnaise with chips instead of ketchup.
3. Belgium is famous for its Belgian Waffles and there are 3 main types to choose from. Liege waffles are the most popular and are more like a cookie. Brussels waffles are bigger and rectangle in shape and light and fluffy. They are eaten with a selection of delicious toppings including, fruit, ice cream and chocolate spread. Galettes are a thinner waffle and a similar to a pancake and a common breakfast food and eaten with jam.
4. Jean Neuhaus created the pralines chocolate in 1912 in Brussels.
5. Belgium has more than 800 different types of beers, and the first beer academy was opened in Herk-de-Stad in 1999, in the province of Limburg in Belgium. Amazingly, Belgians drink an average of 150 liters per person per year.
6. Belgium is famous for its bakeries and some local delicacies are tarts with various sweet fillings including cherry, plum, apple, rice and sugar. As well cramique which is bread cooked with egg yolks and raisins.
7. Brussels’ Royal Palace is larger than Buckingham Palace.
8. Belgium produces the highest number of comic books in the world. Belgian’s adore comics and one of the most famous hero’s is Tintin. Belgium even has a museum for keen comic lovers.
9. Belgium published the first printed newspaper in 1605 in Antwerp.

Adolphe Sax a Belgian invented the musical instrument the saxophone, and in the 15th century oil painting was invented here.
Diamonds – Belgium is the diamond capital and worlds main diamond centre. Nearly 90% of raw diamonds around the world are negotiated, polished and distributed in Antwerp.

Belgium has 3 official languages with the most popular being Flemish the local dialect of Dutch, the second popular is French and the third is German. However, English is also common is the major cities of Brussels, Brugges, Antwerpen and Gent.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also the capital of the European Union and the main headquarter of NATO. Brussels is also called the “Heart of Europe”.

Belgium has a lot to see and do and it is a charming and fun country to visit any time as there is always something to do.