Belgium German Shepherd

belgium german shepherdThere is not an actual breed of dog called Belgium German Shepherd, it is merely a name used by many to describe the Belgium Shepherd dogs.

There are in fact four Belgian sheep dogs, but the most common breed is known as Malinoi or Belgian Shepherd Malinoi. With a temperament not unlike the German Shepherd Dog the Malinoi is a very smart intelligent dog, which if trained correctly will be far more obedient and loyal compared with its German cousin.

These shepherd dogs function with a high amount of drive and are reactive, hyper dogs. This can mean that for a normal pet owner they can be a nightmare, but for a trained they are superb dogs. They learn fast, and love work and are hardworking and don’t stop. For a pet owner it can be a burden as they have to be watched at all times. Mainly as it has a “Don’t stop attitude”. A general difference is the German shepherd dog will do as you tell it, and a Malinois will do it before you tell it.
This exceptional intelligent dog is obedient and clever and territorial, but requires a master who is experienced, firm but not too harsh. If you are cruel with it the dog will not cooperate with you. The Malinois needs continual rules that are made clear from an authoritative and confident owner.


The type of breed is protective, and mixes well with people and other dogs if socialized from an early age. This particular dog breed is a good working dog and also used as a guard dog, and is in fact mainly used for these purposes.

Occasionally they are owned pets; however they need their minds kept active and challenges given to them. They are alert and loyal, and if trained and mixed well, they are good with children. If part of a family they need companionship, plenty of exercise and a firm leader to control them. It is advisable not to keep them locked in a kennel. If not trained they can become hard to handle and destructive.

As the Belgium breed Malinois has a lot of energy and a high mental aptitude, it is quick to understand. It needs jobs to do, as it has a herding behavior and is used to chasing and rounding up. So they need to be trained so as not to do this with people. Care needs to be taken if you have other pets, as these dogs can tend to control others, so it is essential you communicate with the dog and control its behavior with strong leadership skills. The way an owner trains and handles this type of Belgium German shepherd dog will make the difference to the temper of the dog.

If considering this breed of dog do your research and get plenty of advice from experienced dog breeders as this dog is a dominant breed and needs to be understood and trained.