Belgium-The Best Place for Kids

family gardeningRecent research has discovered the best place in the world to raise children is the  European country of Belgium.

When researching countries around the globe many people look at property prices, cost of living,hours of sunshine etc.and more important issues such as health care and education tend to take a back seat for a majority.However if you are relocating with a family these important factors should be high on the agenda.Remember as an expat sometimes work options go to natives over foreigners and as your child grows they will no doubt need to work, so ensure they have the best education system available to them.This will only benefit them for their future,especially learning the language which could be an added advantage.


Belgium recently came out top of a research studying the lifestyle people had when relocating with children, it covered 100 countries and involved over 4000 expats.

Other aspects such as excellent and inexpensive quality child care and a healthy environment came out tops – Education standards ranked higher than other countries due to the system being universally recognized – A bonus has some schooling techniques and qualifications are not recognizable in certain countries expats choose to move to.

Other countries included a good choice to move to with children were Spain, France and Germany, however the USA and the UK ranked two of the lowest.