Belgium Tobacco Prices

Belgium tobacco pricesIf you are a smoker than you may or may not be aware that the Belgium tobacco prices are considerably cheaper than those of the U.K. mostly due to the fact that Belgium has lower tax rates on tobacco in comparison to the U. K. and the neighbouring country France. This makes it an appealing country to visit if you are smoker; in fact it really put a small town in Belgium on the map.

In particular the small town of Adinkerke has become a popular place due to the demand of cheap tobacco. The town is situated on the west of Belgium, and close proximity to the French border, and near to the coastal town of De Panne.

Mainly due to its locality being close to French ferry ports it draws large numbers of French and British visitors on boozy day trips who take advantage of purchasing the cheaper tobacco and alcohol products. The small town of Adinkerke was put on the map for this reason, and is now famous for having the largest number of tobacconists per head of any other area of Europe. Shops and large supermarkets opened round the clock, due to the huge crowds that visited the town for the cheap tobacco products.


More recently locals have got fed up with busy traffic and congestion caused by this influx of visitors. They have insisted the Mayor order the shops to reduce opening hours and to close during the night. The constant traffic is annoying to residents. Due to problems with smuggling tobacco the main E4 road is closed at night at junction 1, and it is likely that border police from France and Belgium will question drivers and passengers on the N34 road over the motorway. This has caused many of the tobacco shops to close due to declining trade, and limited tobacco quantities allowed to be bought into the U.K and France.

With an estimated third of the adult population around the world using tobacco in one form or another, it is a habit that is addictive and like all bad habits hard to break. Tobacco consumption appears in the form of smoking, snuffing, chewing and dipping. It has long been used in America, but after the Europeans arrived there it quickly became widely used and a trade item. After, it developed further due to the demand, and in the south United States after the American civil war the economy and techniques developed the cigarette. Soon the growth of tobacco companies took off, and it became a popular vice in other parts of the world.

Tobacco is linked with many life threatening diseases including, heart attacks, strokes, liver and lung disease, cancer and many more. The world health organization states that tobacco is the single greatest cause of needless deaths around the world.

For many though this news doesn’t deter people from smoking. The town of Adinkerke has many shops, inclusing Tobacco Alley where you can find our products and prics. Belgium tobacco prices are still a plus side if you are a smoker, and for this reason attracts high numbers of visitors regularly on a regular basis.