Brussels Christmas Market

christmas-marketPeople who adore bright lights, nippy winters and the true festive feel should visit Brussels Christmas market and bring the children. The magical and dazzling Brussels Christmas market is flooded with Christmas cheer and events for everyone.

On arrival the Brussels Christmas market is bliss for Christmas shoppers with around 240 Christmas timber cabins opened for its duration. They cover the streets of Bourse, Marché aux Poissons and Place St. Catherines. These special cabins give a fairytale illustration of gingerbread homes, glistening with fairy lights and snow covered roof tops. The cabins sell a mixture of Christmas items, accessories, presents and festive winter food.

The Brussels Christmas market runs for more than 2 km with shops, cabins, tourist attractions, activities and food outlets. It is a place to try delicacies, buy gifts and obtain food for scrumptious Christmas and New Year’s Eve fare for loved ones.


Activities include a skating rink, a Big Wheel, round-about and ice dinosaur monster. All you will need is the entrance cost, but it is an exciting treat in a wonderful city during the coldest a months of the year. Music blasts from the Brass bands, free shows and ice statues are also on show as a main part of this splendid event.

Brussels Christmas market is a great venture set in the centre of Europe. Guests visiting will undoubtedly discover the appeal of Brussels at this special time of year, from the friendly residents and the scores of holiday traditions from each country and every culture.

Vast numbers of tall dining tables wait for you to sample specialities such as sweets, sausages, tartiflette, mulled wine or smoking chocolate. The culinary customs of the Christmas holidays brought as one in a village in which the flavour mingle. All this is open until 9pm on weeknights and 10pm on the weekends.

Winter marvels

At the heart of this magical gathering, the profusion of eateries will warm your heart with delicious foods and drinks. The views against the skating rink and the big wheel have made it stopover not to be overlooked at this time of year.

Other towns in Brussels including Liége, Bruges and Ostende also have Christmas Markets. Tours and holiday packages are on offer from travel companies all around Europe. The Brussels Christmas market is on from the end of November and lasts for all of December to New Year.