Campsites in Belgium | Best Places to Go

The true number of campsites in Belgium is not actually known, however, they can be found in numbers all over the country so wherever one chooses to set up camp there will surely be a site nearby.

So what does this little EU capital offer to its tourists, in particular campers?

Camping in Belgium

With an area amounting to around one third of the total area of England and inhabited by just over 11 million people, Belgium is very much unspoiled compared to many of its European cousins. This allows for a great start for those wanting to go camping in Belgium. The scenery and terrain can be said to be considerably different in each of the 3 regions; Flanders, Wallonia and of course the capital city of Brussels.

Wallonia is in many ways the Belgian Alps and it is here where the infamous maintain range of Ardennes can be found. This majestically beautiful mountainous backdrop offers the very best of panoramic views and here you will find some of the best campsites in Belgium. The area of Ardennes is strictly French speaking so you will have the chance to polish up on and practice your French language skills on the locals. Camping Spa D Or and Camping Maka are both very highly popular camping sites in Belgium, both situated in some of the most beautiful villages in Belgium.


Set on Belgium’s west coast is Ostend. This remarkable treasure has some great Belgium campsites which are suitable for families with children. The beautiful golden sandy beaches here are safe for children and have won several awards for both cleanliness and safety. Ostend takes up just over 5 miles out of a total of almost 40 miles of the west coasts fabulous beaches. It has an array of quaint and large modern shops, the famous Ostend Promenade and lively harbor. Here is the place where you can finish an evening at one of the many great camp sites in Belgium by taking advantage of a beach barbecue whilst enjoying a cold glass of just one or two out of the thousands of Belgium’s range of world class beers.

Europe boasts some incredibly well preserved medieval cities but there is none more beautiful as Bruges. Visit this charming and enchanting city that one could almost describe as being the Venice of Belgium, and you are guaranteed to want to go back. Take a boat ride along one of the many canal streets of Bruges and you will experience a state of relaxation that one could never comprehend. From art museums and wonderful little churches to narrow meandering streets, you will soon fall head over heels with Bruges. Camping Memling is situated in Bruges and is in reach of all the attractions on offer. It is just one of the campsites in Belgium that offers a home from home feel, and along with its low prices the campsite has a family feel about it.

The choice of campsites in Belgium is so vast that it would not be practical to list them here, however Belgium has high standards set for its visitors and this is very much evident in the quality of its camping sites.

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