Celebrate the 9 Trappist Beers – A Beer Event in Redu (REDU)

© Redu Comité des Fêtes

Experience a world first by celebrating, and tasting of course, these famous and delicious beverages. In Redu on 16 and 17/11/13.The Trappist beers being represented are:Orval, Chimay and Rochefort,Achel, Westmalle and Westvleteren (Belgium)La Trappe and Zundert (the Netherlands)and Engelszell (Austria).2 marquees:In the big marquee: Over 200m² of private collections related to all the Trappist abbeys, in a decor fit for any museum!A multitude of rare glasses, advertising and even signings.In the small marquee: tastings of the famous coveted nectars (in 17cl measures).

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© Redu Comité des Fêtes

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