Cycling In Belgium

Belgium is a cyclists dream with a contrast of beautiful landscapes throughout the country to enjoy

whilst on route, from the flatlands of Flanders and and rolling hills of Wallonia the French speaking region.It offers the cyclist enthusiast a vast choice of routes for you to participate, as it is a popular sport with Belgium’s too.


So if it is a cycling holiday you want Belgium is a great place to visit, and most of the country has a terrain to suit you.

With hundreds of well sign posted routes and a selection of routes that suit all levels of fitness from the easier levels for beginners to more challenging mountain bike routes and longer routes for the more experienced.

There is something to suit everyone,and the availability of bike hire enables you to discover the beautiful,surrounding areas, from the farmlands to the canals,and gives you the chance to observe the picturesque towns and villages,and stop for refreshments in the outdoor cafes,bars and restaurants.


Flanders alone has a 800 km circular route that entwines through different provinces,including the coast to Bruges, Ghent,Lier, Antwerp,border towns with the netherlands and surrounding green belt areas of Brussels and back on to Flanders.There are a selection of facilities available including camp sites and  lodgings that are cycle friendly and offer shelters and repairs too.You can even test your skills and try the Tour of Flanders route and really test your cycling skills and stamina.

There is also a cycle network where you can devise your route to suit your ability and safety with the choice for cycle paths only,quiet roads or cycle paths next to major roads.

The Flemish region is a popular region for cyclist enthusiasts and most villages has a cycling club, there are hundreds to choose from if you prefer company and support, when participating in this sport.Many are advertised in pubs and are an ideal place to meet and make new friends and enjoy the fresh air and countryside.Language is not a problem as most younger people speak some English.Every weekend numerous rides are organised  that vary in distance,and a map is supplied for you to follow,some events often with end with an award for finishing the route.

Brussels is a very busy city and many commute to work here by bike, but if you don’t want to fight for space on congested city roads there are plenty of green areas and parks that provide peace and safety when cycling. There are an abundance of routes situated on the outskirts of the city, as Brussels has plenty of woodland and green areas compared to most European cities.

It is worth noting that bikes can be transported free or with a small charge on the metro,tram and train,but it is worth avoiding rush hour.Train stations also offer bike rentals.There are also many websites available and give detailed maps and information on routes.