DjangoFoLLLies – Festival in honour of Django Reinhardt (WALLONIE)

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Experience this festival that celebrates the birth of Django Reinhardt (23/01/10 in Liberchies). In Wallonia from 14/01 to 31/01/14.20th edition with no less than 22 partners from all over the country who take part in the event to commemorate Django Reinhardt.As a real gypsy musician, Reinhardt is the perfect example of what a mix of tradition and renewal can do to music.Reinhardt has created entirely new gipsy tones, mixing traditional music with American jazz without ever renouncing his roots.This festival is an hommage to the artist and the man himself… and it is in this spirit that some Belgian artists created the DjangoFoLLLies!

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© cc Les Riches-Claires

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