Exhibition: Vu à la Radio (Seen on the Radio) – 100 years of Belgian radio (BRUXELLES)

© RTBF, RTL et NRJ/Nostalgie

Discover this large and fascinating exhibit that retraces 100 years of radio in Belgium. In Brussels from 12/12/13 to 27/04/14.”Vu à la radio” shows us what listeners have been listening to for a century, but also offers a preview of radio’s future……for radio is far from finished: it is renewing itself permanently, evolving with its listeners and their ways of life and listening.As well as sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow, you will discover those who work on radio, the places where radio is produced, its technical secrets and its anecdotes.The exhibition showcases the major moments of radio, and underlines the role that it has had in history.

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© RTBF, RTL et NRJ/Nostalgie

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