Facts About Belgium


Here are some interesting `Facts About Belgium` – Did you know that French, Dutch and German are the three official languages that are spoken in Belgium? How much do you know about Belgium? Some of you may know a little, where as others may be full of knowledge on Belgium as a country. Quest Belgium have researched all the interesting and useful facts about Belgium. Most of us already know the basic facts about Belgium, such as the capital is Brussels. But who knew that Belgium is home to over 800 different types of beer? Test your knowledge and see how many of these fun facts you already know!

The city of Brussels have been growing brussel sprouts for over 400 years.

The national currency of Belgium is the Euro.



Brussels National airport sells the most chocolate in the world each year.

French fries were created in Belgium.

On average, each person in Belgium consumes 150 litres of beer each year.

Gay marriages were made legal in 2003 in Belgium.

The diamond capital of the world is Antwerp, in Belgium.

Belgium born Adolphe Sax was the inventor of the Saxaphone.

Euthanasia was made legal in 2002 in Belgium.

Alain Delaunois is the tallest man in Europe, he stands at 2 metres 30cms and is from Belgium.

Belgium is known to many as the ‘essence of Europe’.

Belgium is famous for its chocolate and produce an enormous 220, 000 tonnes of it each year.

The world’s first beer acadmey was founded in Belgium.


In December 2006 the largest baby was born in Belgium. The newborn was 57cm long and weighed 5.4kg.

Durbuy in Belgium is the smallest town in the world.

The population of Belgium is appromaximately 10,458,000.

Belgium produces the most comic books in the world.