Getting Around in Belgium Via Bulbus

bulbusTraveling to a foreign country, particularly in Belgium can be very tough, especially if you want to go from one place to the other. If you do not rent a car, then using the public transport system in Belgium is your last option.

Belgium actually has two public transport systems. The first one is that you can take a cab but that would be a bit expensive or you can take a Belbus to even enjoy more your trip. A Belbus is like a bus but it drives per reservation. What is great about the Belbus is that it does not follow a fixed route. Riding one is great especially if you are traveling with a small group. The Belbus can definitely give you an exclusive trip.
Moreover, it is a great way to travel especially if normal buses are not anywhere in sight. The question now is how do you book the Belbus for your trip? This article gives you information on how to book for a one to enjoy your trip in Belgium.

Since this particular transport system only drives in certain areas, you might not be able to catch the Belbus on time if you are riding on a normal bus. When making reservations, inform the phone operator the nearest bus stop is at your destination so that the operator can make arrangements for the Belbus.
Make sure that you have booked two hours before you leave. In fact, it would be preferable if you book it the day before. Since Belbus operates in every town in Belgium, you need to know that every town has different reservation procedures. If you plan to use it for longer periods of time, inform the phone operation so that they can make the necessary arrangements.


The phone operator usually asks for your name or client number, time and date of departure, bus stop you will depart from, destination and if you opt for a round trip. Make sure that you have this information ready.

On the other hand, you can actually call and book Belbus through their local numbers. There are five towns in Belgium where you can call the operator. For instance, if you are in Antwerp, you can call the number +32 03 218 14 94. You can also look at the local directory for the numbers of a nearby operator or asking the locals will be helpful.

Once you have made the reservations, you can then buy the Belbus tickets in one of the many N.M.B.S stations which are the train stations in Belgium. Newspaper and Magazine Shops also sell tickets. The tickets usually have the same price as normal buses. On the other hand, the driver follows a very strict time. As a rule, make sure that you arrive 10 minutes before the time of pick up. Make sure that you have your ticket with you.
The tips above will surely come in handy if you want to tour the countryside of Belgium. In fact, when traveling in Belgium, riding the Belbus can be a rewarding experience. Not only it is cheap but it also gives you an exclusive tour to Belgium’s scenic countryside.

Image courtesy of Kneiphof