Getting Around In Belgium

waiting train
There are many ways you can see Belgium using different types of transport.

Being such a small country, makes travelling around very easy and you can get anywhere within a couple of hours. You can take public transport which is a cheap alternative, train and bus rides pass through city to city frequently. Of course another option is driving your own vehicle. There are so many wonderful places to explore and appreciate and a variety of ways to get there too!


You can catch a bus anywhere in Belgium at an inexpensive cost.

The bus routes normally only cover short distances, however it’s not impossible to go from city to city, but it’s much slower than taking a train. 1.60Eur is an average price to travel within cities for one zone. Although this is slightly cheaper than a train, most tourists use the train to take them between cities and go on foot within the city.


The train is the most popular method of transport in Belgium, used to get between cities. They are modern, comfortable and a fast way of getting from place to place. For 2nd class fares you can be expected to pay no more than 20Eur for long trips and an extra 50% for 1st class. You may need to purchase a 1st class ticket in the rush hours, as trains become full quickly. Normal tickets are available in stations or online, where you can pay by credit card or cash. At the weekend, return tickets are cheaper. If you want to book more than a few train trips, a good idea would be to purchase a Go pass which will cost 50Eur and provides you with 10 single 2nd class journeys. 

Like most other European drivers, Belgians drive on the right hand side of the road traffic coming from the right at road crossings have the right of way, unless stated otherwise, usually in urban areas. Road signs are always and only in the local language, except for Brussels.  The motorway signs in Belgium are usually in a bad state and are hard to follow due to their inconvenient layout and color. A good roadmap is needed at all times. If you don’t have your own car, why not hire one. Driving allows you to see more of the attractions and every inch of Belgium’s beauty. You’ll notice how clean the towns and villages are, and a visit to see the architecture in the towns is a must. Drink driving is a serious offence and you will be fined up to 150Eur on the spot for 0.05% of alcohol in your system. Anything over that and you’ll face up 6 months in prison and lose your driving license for a long time.