Growing Vegetables In A GreenHouse

Now that the summer is upon us, you may be interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables in your garden. However, it is easily said than done when you are living in a country that doesn’t always get the best weather. Summers in Belgium can be nice, but may not give you a lot of choice or options when it comes to deciding what fruit and vegetables to grow to suit the climate. So what is the answer to guarantee good quality produce? Well, a greenhouse of course!

A greenhouse will give you the option to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables that can only be grown in warmer temperatures, as they may not be able to stand being planted in the garden if the weather is cooler. A greenhouse may be considered as a bit of an investment buy initially, but they will save you a fortune throughout the year when you don’t have to spend on expensive imported produce in the supermarkets.

Before planting any plants, flowers or seeds, you must first find out when the best time is to plant them so that the time is right. Then, keep a diary or a note of when you planted each plant so that you can keep a record of this information, as you may need it later on. keeping a log or diary of the dates when you planted the seeds and plants is a good idea, especially if you are new to gardening or growing plants in a greenhouse.


To get the most out of your greenhouse, you must insulate it well in the winter and make sure that it doesn’t overheat in the summer. Throughout the winter, you should insulate the greenhouse with a good insulator of some sort, polythene or bubble wrap are both good forms of insulation. In the summer time, you should monitir the temperature of the greenhouse carefully, because they may overheat and kill off anything that is growing inside. Keep the greenhouse well insulated throughout the summer and keep an eye on which plants need a lot of sunlight and which will need to be put in a more shaded area.

The key thing to remember is that as long as you have made your greenhouse suitable for all year round use, you will be able to grow just about anything in it. When working in your greenhouse try to keep your working space as clean and as tidy as you can because this will help to lower the risk of pests and problems that may occur in an unclean environment.

Setting up your own greenhouse may sound like a good idea to start with, but it does require a lot of work. Try to get yourself in to a routine so that you are not spending too much of your time maintaining the plants. You can easily set yourself aside just a short time each day, so that it allows you time to keep on top of little tasks and chores that need doing.