Holiday Day In Belgium

Today, June 13th is a national holiday in Belgium. “Whit Monday” as the day is known as, is the day in which Belgium mark the end to the Easter holidays and celebrations. The Easter festivities start on Ash Wednesday and continue through Easter and then is brought to an official end on “Whit Monday.” Whit Monday is usually celebrated about 90 days after Ash Wednesday and about 50 days after Easter Sunday.



The day before Whit Monday is also known as Whit Sunday and is celebrated by many European countries. The following day, on the Monday, (Whit Monday) the citizens of Belgium and other countries are given a public holiday to celebrate this day. The name “Whit Sunday” and “Whit Monday” originates from the word “whitsun”.

Although this year, the holiday will be celebrated on June 13th. Each year the date changes and of course depends on which day both Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday fall on.