Je n’ai rien à te dire sinon que je t’aime – Lovers’ Correspondances (BRUXELLES)

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Explore letters bursting with personality, which reveal the frivolous and sometimes tumultuous nature of love. In Brussels from 11/12 to 16/03/14.”My sweet dove”, “my king”, “Madonna”, “my darling”… nothing loosens the tongue, brings tears to the eyes or touches as many hearts, as passion.2000 years ago, Ovid wrote his poem, the art of loving. In one of the oldest seduction manuals, he gives advice such as “to juge beauty, wine is of bad council” and “letters must contain, above all, promises”.”The idea of this new separation oppresses me…like a terrible nightmare” lamented Tzar Alexander II of his extramarital relationship.

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© MLMB 2013

Explore letters bursting with…

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