Johan Muyle – Indian Studio – Exhibition as part of Europalia (BRUXELLES)

© Centrale Contemporary Art/Johan Muyle

An exhibition of some 20 pictures and sculptures by artist Johan Muyle. Discover it in Brussels from 07/11 to 09/02/14!Half of his pieces were completed lately in his Belgian and Indian workshops.In 1995, Johan Muyle travels to India for the first time, in search of ‘Cine banners painters’.Inspired by painters of large-size paintings, between 1995 an 2006 he organised monumental installations which were exhibited in Sao Paulo, Venice, Marseille, Havana, Brighton,…Since 2005, his work included a series of motorised sculptures made from objects that he brought back from his workshops in Chennai.This exhibition is an initiative of the Échevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles.

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© Centrale Contemporary Art/Johan Muyle


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