Large Bonfire in Falisolle (FALISOLLE)

Le bonhomme hiver brûle à Bouge © WBT – J.L. Flémal

With more than 1070m³ in 2013, the bonfire of Falisolle, a municipality of Sambreville la chaleureuse, was the largest of the large bonfires. In Falisolle on 08/03/14!What is the history of this large bonfire?According to Michel Rosart, this event has been celebrated in Falisolle well over 200 times. The monks of Oignies abbey (expelled by French revolutionaries in 1794) wrote of seeing one. That makes it at least 220 years old.The parade departs at 7:30pm from place Albert Ier. The most recent bride and groom from the Falisolle neighbourhood light the bonfire in the “pré des monts” around 8pm.

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Le bonhomme hiver brûle à Bouge © WBT – J.L….

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