Learning Deutsch and French Language Basics

girl studying
girl studying
The two most commonly spoken languages in Belgium are Deutsch and Flemish. Generally the North of Belgium is a Deutsch speaking community, where as Southern Belgium is more of a French speaking community.

Because there are two languages spoken in Belgium, we have decided to put together a course in both French and Deutsch, so it will benefit those living in both Northern and Southern Belgium. This is the first in the language series, and we will be teaching you Deutsch.

Learning languages becomes more difficult as you get older, which is why we have made an easy to understand language series. All of the words are written in English phonetics, so it will be easy for you to understand.

In this first lesson we will be teaching you the basics that will help you in your day to day life.

English                            Deutsch

Hi                                   Hi/Dag
Hello                               Hallo
Good Morning                  Goede Morgen
Good Evening                  Goede Navond
Good Night                     Goede Nacht
See you soon                  Gauw tot ziens
Bye                                Tot ziens
See you tomorrow           Zie je morgen
Yes                                Ja
No                                  Nee


Please                              Alstublieft
Thank you                        Dank je
Do you speak English?        Spreekt u Engels?
I don’t understand             Ik weet het niet
How are you?                    Hoe gaat het ermee?
I am okay, thank you         Goed, dank u
Excuse me                        Neem me niet kwalijk
Pardon?                           Pardon?

0                                     nul    
1                                     een
2                                     twee
3                                     drie
4                                     vier
5                                     vijf
6                                     zes
7                                     zeven
8                                     acht
9                                     negen
10                                   tien