Learning to Adapt to Life in Belgium

Relocating to a new country is an exciting challenge, but can also mean learning to adapt to many new experiences. Here at Quest Belgium we list a few tips to help you in your new life:

Learn the language, or as much as you possibly can to get by. However foolish you think you may sound, remember it shows you are making an effort in your new country.

Get out and meet people, and integrate not just with fellow expats. Make friends with the locals and swap tales of life experiences.

Explore your new homeland whether it is by foot, bike, car or public transport and observe what is around you.

Reduce stress by accepting plans that don`t always go the way you want. Learn to go with the flow and live life for the moment.  A new way of life is not always easy, so relax and take one step at a time.


Bad things happen, as annoying as it is, try to accept it and let it pass. Even laugh it off, and look at it as an experience. Life as an expat is not always plain sailing, there are many things you have to get used to.

If you have specific hobbies or interests and want to continue to pursue them, network and check the internet etc. for meetings and clubs that are in your area.

Try local food as it is a good way to settle by tasting the country`s specialties. Learning to get used to another country’s food is far better and less expensive than continuing to hunt out food from your homeland.

And finally, you should take some time out to enjoy your new country and life, and embrace what you have in your new home. Nobody knows what the future holds. Life does not always go to plan, and there will be highs and lows. Learn to see them as challenges and experiences. Eventually most events that occur will be turned into funny stories that you will tell family and friends about back home! Keep in mind your life experiences and memories will stay with you forever wherever you are.