Machinations: Sculptures in Movement by Johnny White ET Amanda Wray (NAMUR)

Machinations © Johnny White et Amanda Wray

Approach a dozen moving sculptures, of which some, very large, will interact with you! In Namur from 29/11/13 to 05/01/14.These sculptures are made up of unusual pieces, recycled materials and scrapped and used metal.These mechanical animals, moved by air and electricity, will amaze you even if they are sometimes savage, uncontrollable, even manipulative.The weird and wonderful side of the exhibition will delight children and contemporary art enthusiasts.This exhibition is actually the Beastly Machines that has be renamed Machinations for its 1st time in Belgium!Beastly Machines has already been visited by more than 120.000 people in Britain.

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Machinations © Johnny White et Amanda…

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