RAMDAM Festival in Tournai (TOURNAI)

© Festival Ramdam

Cinema’s vocation is to make you dream. But it can also question, denounce, disturb… In short, raise our awareness. In Tournai, from 21 to 28/01/14.In a spirit of quality and discovery, this festival offers you films that shock and make you think.Committed films, disturbing films and even in some cases, scandalous films.Films that you can’t forget and that will dwell on your mind when you leave the cinema, causing debate.Films that don’t make us push aside day to day life, but that give us ways to better understand it.The RAMDAM Festival will be in the image of Western Hainaut and the city of Tournai: calm one minute, amazing the next!Discover now the schedule on the website below!

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© Festival Ramdam

Cinema’s vocation is to make…

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