Sabbat des Macrales – The Witches’ Sabbath in Haccourt (HACCOURT)

© Macralles Haccourt

One of the most authentic events of Ardennes folklore. The macrales are witches and spell casters! In Haccourt on 01/02/14!”They have long pointed noses that go down to their chins, toothless mouths, dirty, untidy hair and a ferocious glare.”Follow the witches along the sinous paths and watch, from afar, as their torches slowly approach their meeting point!They gather around an enormous cauldron and tell stories of how they have enraged the local population throughout the year.Witness the enthronement of celebrities and parades in witches’ costume.The macrales’ sabbath takes place every year on the Saturday closest to the Candlemas festival in Haccourt.

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© Macralles Haccourt

One of the most authentic…

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