The Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival (SAINT-JOSSE-TEN-NOODE)

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Some 70 films (fictions, documentaries, shorts), give a taste of recent productions from Mediterranean countries. In Brussels 05 to 12/12/13! There is an eclectic schedule planned for this 13th edition of the festival!New in 2013Due to the success of this event, which has grown and grown, the Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival will now take place every year.By turning this biennial event into an annual one, the “MED” will be able to increase efforts to distribute its latest films from the Mediterranean.It will, therefore, engage visitors and ask them to contemplate, every year, the many issues of this region through the medium of film.Since its creation, the event is dedicated to the idea of social cohesion and “living together”.

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© Cinemamed

Some 70 films (fictions,…

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