Walking Beer Tours of Antwerp, Belgium

walking beer tours antwerp belgiumAntwerp, Belgium is known for a variety of things, from fashion design to diamonds, but it is the delicious beer that this article is focused upon.

It is possible to taste a number of great beers all in one day on this interesting walking pub tour of Antwerp. From pubs near cathedrals to old-style bars with tables against the wall and patrons packing this aisles, beer enthusiasts will find something to enjoy on a walking beer tour through Antwerp, Belgium.

Walking beer tours of Antwerp, Belgium: The Waagstuk

The best place to start your walking beer tour of Antwerp, Belgium is at the Waagstuk bar in the north end of the city. Located close to the city’s industrial district on Staadswaag, this popular pub is almost always crowded. They offer one of Antwerp’s best selections of beer, with five or six varieties on tap and over one hundred different types of bottled beer. The Waagstuk even brews its own house beer. Called Zeppelin, this local Antwerp dark brew has a uniquely sweet licorice taste. The pub holds beer tastings on a regular basis, so call ahead to find out if there will be an event while you are in Antwerp, Belgium.


Walking beer tours of Antwerp, Belgium: Paters Vaetje

One of the more interesting stops on the Antwerp walking beer tour is Paters Vaetje, a pub located next to the city’s cathedral. This may seem like an odd match, but beer is not as looked down upon in Belgium as it is in the United States. This bar caters mostly to tourists because of its popular location near the cathedral. Despite being a smaller pub than many others in Antwerp, its extensive beer list and delicious snack food make it a must-stop on any walking beer tour of the city. Unfortunately, the tourist influence does make the prices at the Paters Vaetje slightly higher than those of other Antwerp, Belgium bars.

Walking beer tours of Antwerp, Belgium: Oud Arsenaal

Farther along the main tourist route through Antwerp is Oud Arsenaal, another of Belgium’s excellent drinking spots. Located opposite the Rubens House, this pub is decorated in a more traditional bar theme than the others on this walking beer tour. The same family has owned this Antwerp pub for several generations, allowing it to retain its old-style atmosphere. Despite recent renovations, the overall appearance has not been changed in many decades. Its warm and close atmosphere becomes even more cozy during crowded times as people are forced to share the tables that line the walls of this Antwerp, Belgium walking tour beer stop.