Why Belgium?

ostendharbourWhy is Belgium such a popular destination with expats from around the world? There are many advantages to living in Belgium, the capital city Brussels is where the headquarters of the European Union is based and so making it an established place to be.Belgium offers a multitude of business options and welcomes companies and foreign investment. It has an excellent and modern infrastructure, with a smart taxation system. It also has good transport links with other European countries.

Belgium is situated in an ideal location and has much to see and do. So what exactly makes Belgium such a great place to be right now? Well, Quest Belgium have looked in to what Belgium has to offer.


Many Belgians speak English, as England is situated not too far away from Belgium. When you first move to or visit a new country, it is always very helpful if there are people than can understand you straight away, as this helps with the process of integrating and dealing with necessary paper work.

However, when it comes to learning the native language in Belgium, there are three possibly languages to learn, depending on which area you are in. You will find that the area you are in speaks either German, Flemish or French. This may seem confusing and difficult, but it doesn’t mean that you need to learn all three of the languages, just the one that is spoken in your province. On the positive side, the three languages that are native to Belgium are also spoken in the surrounding European countries.



Belgium is situated on mainland Europe and is in an ideal location. From Belgium, you are able to travel to other European countries and to the United Kingdom quick, easy and cheap. From the city of Ostend, you will find a ferry port that offers trips to the United Kingdom. There are frequent trips back and forth between the England and Belgium and the ferry trip is said to take just two hours, making it perfect if you feel like a trip to England.


Food and drink

Belgium cuisine is of excellent quality and appealing to most people. Belgium is actually the home place of French fries, as it was the Belgian’s who first fried potatoes. This very popular fast food snack, gained its name as French fries from the Belgium army, as French was the spoken language within the Belgium army at that time.

Have you got a sweet tooth? Then it is a must that you try some of the divine delights that can be found in many sweet shops in Belgium. Belgium chocolate is considered to be the best in the world and so it is hardly surprising that many of the chocolate shops in Belgium receive thousands of foreign visitors each year!

Plenty to see and do

There is a great combination of beach fun and the opportunity to explore the country side. Whether you visit the coast or the country side, you will have the chance to enjoy scenic walks, cycling, water sports, horse riding and numerous other leisure activities.

If you have got an eye for art work then Belgium is the place to be. There are many cities within Belgium which boast outstanding art galleries. Many of the cities in Belgium have spectacular art galleries, but the gallery that is favoured amongst the other is situated in Antwerp – The Royal museum for Fine Arts. Here you will be able to enjoy over 7, 000 works.